Santa Clara is known for its great weather and european feel as if you were living in the countryside of Europe, with an abundance of orange trees. It has a provincial feel, however, you are not so far from the bustling cities, since it is well-located that everything is within easy reach and is so close to San Jose.

It’s a dream to live here and visitors get a taste of Santa Clara living, all thousands of them converge upon the city for the museums, family attractions, and other historic sites. The Levi’s Stadium, the Intel Museum, and Mission Santa Clara are just a few of the attractions in the town.

Enviable Climate

The coolest temperatures never go below 38 degrees and the warmest don’t go above 82 degrees, so residents enjoy a temperate climate in Santa Clara, very comparable to the Mediterranean climate in other parts of Europe. Locals enjoy 261 sunny days in a year and absolutely do not need to worry about snowfall.

A Wide Variety of Neighborhoods

There are over 20 different neighborhoods that make up Santa Clara. Families with children typically like to live close to the Santa Clara Unified School District. Among the safest neighborhoods are Pruneridge Avenue, Bower’s Avenue, and Benton Street. For more affluent families, they are usually found on Homestead Road. Whichever neighborhood you choose, know that Santa Clara neighborhoods have a strong community and the locals are active members and participate in community events.

Foodie Haven

Santa Clara locals love to eat and they love variety. It is no wonder that there are so many food places here to cater to their wide-ranging tastes. Local favorites include The Fish Market, Birk’s Restaurant, Mio Vicino, Orenchi Ramen, Pedro’s Restaurant and Cantina.


Santa Clara has 38 parks from which to choose from, and many activities happen in these parks. Popular spots are Steve Carli and Agnew Park. Santa Clara is also home to California’s Great America, which is a large and wildly popular amusement park. The Gold Striker is a roller coaster ride that you cannot miss.

Most activities are outdoors and allow you to enjoy the sunlight and fresh air, however, Santa Clara also has a number of cultural attractions, which reflects the history and values of the city. The Intel Museum is located here, and what it is is an interactive museum that details the history of the semiconductor, which dates back to the origins of Silicon Valley.

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