Burlingame is a San Francisco suburb located in San Mateo County. It offers a perfect mix of urban and suburban mix, which means it’s a great place for young professionals. It draws young people who work in San Francisco, since it’s an easy commute from the suburb into the city. Residents are liberal and progressive and welcoming, and always willing to lend a helping hand.


Notable sights in Burlingame include the historical landmark that is Kohl Mansion. Built in the early 20th century, it’s a mansion with 63 rooms all decorated with heavy European influence. It was owned and designed by Frederick and Mary Elizabeth Kohl and remains standing as a nod to the region’s past.


With such perfect weather and being in a perfect geographic location on the peninsula, most activities in Burlingame are outdoors and by the water. A local favorite is Bayside Park, which is a waterfront park that treats you to breathtaking views of the bay. If you ever needed time to relax and unwind and just be with your thoughts or maybe with your family and friends, Bayside Park is a go-to place for locals and tourists alike. You can not only relax, but being a park, it is also used by the locals to walk and exercise and play. There are hiking trails that pass through the park. As you can imagine, it is bustling with activity and very popular.


Another popular spot is the Anza Lagoon, which is a small inlet of the bay. Many hotels are also situated here, for one thing since it’s an ideal vantage point for great views of the city and the sunrise. Another thing is that points of interest are around the lagoon, with hiking trails as well. It is a hub of activity which should not be missed.

Art Museum

If you ever wonder what interests Burlingame residents, you only need to visit the Peninsula Museum of Art. Here, the artistic values of the locals are reflected. The museum holds a very important purpose, which is to use art as a way to connect local artists to their community through exhibits, talks, and workshops. The museum is free to enter and the exhibits are rotating, so you get to see something new every so often.

Fresh Market

Burlingame locals are still Californians who are used to the freshest produce and locally-produced meats. Health is a top priority here and the locals care for the environment. Every Sunday and on some Thursdays, the Burlingame Farmers Market is a must visit. It features local artisans and vendors. The fresh market is community-owned and features live entertainment.

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