San Jose is San Francisco’s more laid back sister, however, more people choose San Jose as a place to start and raise families. It has plenty of job opportunities, a great school district, and lots of places for dining and entertainment.

Here are a few of the favorite hangouts of the locals in San Jose.

San Jose Craft Beer

The city of San Jose has a thriving craft beer culture. There are so many breweries to choose from, Strike Brewing Co., Hermitage Brewing, and Clandestine Brewing all deserve a special mention. There are a great number of bars that also offer craft beer selections such as ISO Beers, Good Karma, Market Beer Company, and Original Gravity.

Santana Row

People from San Jose love to shop, and when it comes to shopping, Santana Row does not disappoint. It is up there in the top things to do in San Jose if you are into upscale designer brands. It is where people from Silicon Valley shop, so you can expect it to be tastefully-designed and well-maintained with a posh clientele. It is the Beverly Hills of San Jose.

San Pedro Square Market

In San Jose, families and friends dine at the San Pedro Square Market, which features a relaxing patio dining experience. It is a downtown hotspot where you can have just about any cuisine you crave for — Italian, French, Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, Latin American, and more. The problem is always deciding what to eat.


San Jose is not all about drinking and dining. There is a place for art appreciation here. A few notable museums include the San Jose Museum of Art, the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, The Tech Museum of Innovation, and the Children’s Discovery Museum. Another famous landmark is the Municipal Rose Garden, featuring about five acres of over a hundred varieties of roses. It is beautiful, yes, and it will always take your breath away no matter how often you have visited the area since they continually cultivate new varieties of roses.


Outdoor space and nature spots are abundant in San Jose since it is nestled in a valley. Imagine living here and being so close to nature and using nature as your gym. Not every city in the country gets to enjoy Mediterranean climate, breathe in the fresh air, and is surrounded by greenery day after day after day. A favorite hiking place is Alum Rock Park and Castle Rock State Park, with great views at different points of the trails.

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