Perfectly located between San Mateo and San Carlos, Belmont is a city where upper middle-class professionals dream of living in. It features tree-lined streets, beautiful homes, and a tranquility that many people seek.

The proximity to San Francisco, San Jose, and the Bay makes it perfect for professionals who like to cut down their commute time. It attracts the young, hip, and progressive, and you could deduce just how welcoming, helpful, and wonderful these people are.

What is there to do in Belmont? A lot, actually.

Entertainment and Shopping

Belmont has a vibrant downtown scene, with bars, clubs, restaurants all in the commercial district, particularly along El Camino Real. Local favorites are Godfather’s Burger Lounge, Aussiello’s Tavern, Lariat Tavern, Peet’s Coffee, Dog Haus Biergarten, Sushi Monster, The Iron Gate, and Farmhouse. Shopping is also a favorite pastime of the locals, with two malls nearby — the Palo Alto mall and Hillsdale mall.

Outdoor Activities

It is no surprise that most activities in Belmont are outdoor activities. The better to enjoy the fair weather and Mediterranean climate.

One thing that locals appreciate is the closing of select roads covering a mile-long distance to make way for exercise, whether it’s walking, jogging, cycling. The road closures happen every Sunday and the act is also referred to as Canada Road Bicycle Sundays. Popular parks include Hallmark Park, with tennis courts, a track, and a playground; and Twin Pines Park, where you can find a bridge with a stream.

Crystal Springs Cross Country Course is also another popular spot that offers great views of Belmont. If you want to picnic or barbecue, there’s Belmont Park, an expansive dog-friendly and kid-friendly park.

Great Place To Raise Kids

Kids who grow up in Belmont become productive members of society. The schools are great and they provide kids with everything they need to succeed. Teenagers are provided job opportunities to help them become more responsible citizens.

The parents who live here also enjoy a shorter commute, which allows them to spend more time with family, and as you know, the family is the basic unit of society. It is a community of friendly and family-centered people.

Beautiful Homes With Scenic Views

The homes up the hills are much older and date back to the 50s. As you go higher, you will begin to see newer homes. Most homes in Belmont offer great views since they sit at a higher elevation. The properties are well-maintained and the lawns are manicured. While Belmont property is relatively on the higher scale, an experienced real estate agent in Belmont can help you find a property that is within your range.

Find The Perfect Home in Belmont

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