Mountain View is located in Santa Clara county. It is not just a diverse technology hub but also a party and entertainment destination with great options for housing. Literally, everything that you may need is available here.

But what else makes Mountain View a great place to live?

Perfect Climate

Mountain View has 256 sunny days a year and 0 days of snow. It’s a perfect Mediterranean climate and engenders a healthier lifestyle for all residents. The sunlight, fresh air, and abundance of greenery are a perfect combination for anyone who wishes to live healthily.


Mountain View residents enjoy a lot of outdoor activities. And why not when it is perfectly situated and so close to nature. Looking around and you will see that you are surrounded by nature and you have a bird’s eye view of the Santa Cruz mountains. Locals love to hike, bike, and run, and use nature as their gym. A popular local spot is Shoreline Park (where The Stevens Creek Trail begins), that features an amphitheater, a golf course, water sports, and natural wetlands.

The Birthplace of Silicon Valley

You may not know that Mountain View is actually the birthplace of Silicon Valley. The very first laboratory to research and manufacture silicon-based semiconductors was Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory, located in Mountain View. It inspired a following of inventors and inventions, such as Hewlett-Packard, which has made Silicon Valley a world-famous technology hub.

A Place In Computer History

In Mountain View is where you will find the Computer History Museum, which features the largest collection of computer artifacts. Witness the evolution of technology, starting with room-sized computers to phones to self-driving cars and then moving forward to Apple, Microsoft, and Google.

Castro Street: Restaurants, Bars, and Clubs

The street is downtown Mountain View, where locals and visitors alike go for dining and entertainment. It features global cuisines from Asian to Latin American to European to North American food. Local favorites are Vaso Azzurro Ristorante, Eureka, Cascal, and Sushi Tomi. At night, the street turns lively for people who are looking to drink and party. Popular places to go include O’Malley’s Sports Pub, Monte Carlo, and OPAL Nightclub.

High Livability Score

Many professionals move to Mountain View for employment opportunities. The always growing number of tech companies headquartered here provides job opportunities. It’s not uncommon for professionals to also move to Mountain View to start a family. It is safe, well-located, well-appointed, and has everything an entire family could need to live a happy, prosperous, and fulfilling life. The prices of homes in Mountain View are also more affordable than those in San Francisco.

If you are looking to buy a home in Mountain View, choose a real estate professional with decades of experience to guide you and help you land your dream home in Mountain View.

Real Estate Professional in Mountain View, CA

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