Redwood city is well-located in the heart of Silicon Valley, named for the Redwood trees that cover the peninsula. It is in the middle region of the San Francisco Peninsula and is well-known for its nearly perfect climate. Residents enjoy 255 sunny days per year, part of the reason why people from the eastern part of the country move in droves to this city. If you live here, not only do you get to enjoy great weather almost all-year-round, but you also get to be part of a progressive and tight-knit community.

A Rich History

A must-visit is the San Mateo County History Museum, an old courthouse, where you learn what life was like in San Mateo in the 19th century and also what California was like when it was still part of Mexico. The place is a historic landmark. Redwood Shores is a waterfront community in Redwood City and is the site of college rowing races.

Technology Hub

Situated in the heart of Silicon Valley, it sees a lot of tech companies setting up shop here, which benefits the community and provides jobs to the residents. A few of the tech companies headquartered here are Oracle, Evernote, and Informatica.

Bustling Downtown

Downtown Redwood City is the place to go for entertainment. The historic Fox Theatre is another historic landmark and a favorite hangout of locals. It is also where the biggest events are held, and dotting the area are boutiques and restaurants.

Community Park

Where does the Redwood Community congregate? The Redwood Community Park — the largest in the city — is where you’ll see your neighbors playing sports, exercising, barbecuing, and just hanging out enjoying each other’s company. It also functions as a place for special events and occasions.

Want A Home in Redwood City?

Living in Redwood City is positively satisfying and fulfilling, with residents enjoying a very high standard of living. Moreover, the people who do get to live here are considered lucky. Remember that the city has the slogan “Climate By by Government Test,” and the climate of a place really affects your overall health and happiness. Many people consider a visit to Redwood City a vacation — imagine living here where a vacation just means putting some lawn chairs outside and throwing a party for friends and family?

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